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Argo Shoes and Medical Supplies is Family-owned and operated small business in Ontario, GTA. Since our company opened doors to new customers, we continue offering excellent service. We treat every customer like they are part of our family! In our store we are offering best products and best brands to our customers because we believe that we can make your healthier and happier.

Our only true mission is to eliminate your body pain and discomfort caused by trauma, injury or various orthopaedic problems. We have a great range of orthopaedic shoes, custom orthotics and arch supports, body braces and supports. Posture can be corrected, extra pressure removed and the whole body can be aligned just by using these simple products. Painkillers are not healing the problem; they just block pain signals going to our brains from the damaged area. But using the proper footwear would change your life!

If you would like to see one of our licensed doctors and therapists you can call us any time as convenience for you and book an appointment or just simply walk it!


alk in or make an appointment for your free consultation today. For medical supplies prescription is required if you have insurance or benefit plan. At Argo Shoes and Medical Supplies, we provide high quality services personalized for our customers needs. Our Thornhill location is opened 6 days a week. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient. We provide a variety of services including:


Making of custom orthotics requires a prescription from your doctor. Please book an appointment or walk in for your free orthotic consultation. Orthotics can be created for the purpose of aiding to injury recovery as part of a treatment plan, for the purpose of improving daily functions, or simply for preventative purposes. Your custom made orthotic will be ready in 5-7 business days.

Compression Stockings and Socks

Compression socks are specialized hosiery items designed to provide extra support and increase blood circulation. Athletes often wear compression socks to give their leg muscles additional support while running or jumping. Those with occupations requiring long periods of standing may also benefit from the use of compression socks. We have a large selection of compression stocking and Diabetic socks. Our experienced fitter will help you to find the right products based on your medical condition.

Braces and Supports

Spine and back injuries, sprains, fractures and dislocations and arthritis is the most common complaint. Orthopedic braces are used in the medical industry for all types of bone and muscle support for the healing of injuries or surgery or pain relief. Orthopedic braces come in different styles and sizes, so our qualified staff will give you advice to make the right choice.

Health news

Custom Foot Orthotics
Wearing Instructions:
The custom foot orthotics you have received were designed and manufactured by a Certified Pedorthist for you individual foot needs. The orthotics affects the interaction between the bones, ligaments and muscles in the lower extremity. 
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Low Back Pain
Did you know that 85% of Canadians will be sidelined by low back pain in their lifetime? Andrea Bean and Suzanne Denis, physiotherapists at Sunnybrook’s Holland Centre, share some ways you can prevent low back pain.
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Medical compression stockings

Medical compression stockings

“Compression stockings are a specialized hosiery, designed to help prevent the occurrence of, and guard against further progression of venous disorders such as edema, [read more]

Orthotics and arch supports

Orthotics and arch supports

Orthotics and arch supports are often recommended by doctors for the relief of foot pain, shin pain, knee pain, heel pain, and back pain. [read more]

Body braces

Body braces

Back support or back brace A back support or back brace effectively improves back posture as part of the management of lower back pain. [read more]