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Feet are the foundation of the body because they support our full weight. Even if tiny problem starts developing in your feet, the small change in the way you walk and you carry on your weight will lead to the chain reaction of changes in your posture. It could potentially lead to dangerous and painful conditions. In Argo Medical we can help you to correct current orthopedic problems by offering custom support and orthopedic supplies customized to your needs. We have a great collection of orthopedic shoes and medical supplies. Call to book an appointment.

Our Services

At Argo Medical we offer a great range of Pedorthic services for our customers. These services include: Orthopedic footwear, Shoe modifications, Custom made footwear, Expert shoe fitting. We are helping clients with Diabetic Foot, Flat Feet, Injuries, Bunions, Arthritic Foot and much more […]

Orthopedic shoes

Only about 20% of people have so-called “perfect feet” hence they don’t need any type of additional support to help it hold its shape when it is supporting the weight of the body. Failing to give your feet the support that they need can lead to painful foot problems like plantar fasciitis or flat feet.[…]

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You are coming to our location but you cant find the pair of shoes you are dreaming about. We have a solution for you! We are gladly offer to all our clients custom order from the catalogs of the most popular brands listed below. Custom order usually takes to deliver up to 2 weeks. Some restrictions apply.

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