Orthotics and arch supports are often recommended by doctors for the relief of foot pain, shin pain, knee pain, heel pain, and back pain. Just a misalignment or lack of stability at the foot region can cause abnormal pressure on the foot and leg pain, hip pain or back pain can be easily developed.

To correct these problems patient can start simply by using orthotics and arch supports.

Arch supports and orthotics are providing care for fallen arches or pronated feet. They also prevent over pronation during walking and running. It improves foot stability and controls rotation of the leg. The simple using of orthotics and arch supports creates normal lower limb posture and prevents extra pressure that lead to injury.

Full length orthotics and arch supports are great for running shoes and street sneakers, where they can be inserted as an insole replacement. Arch cushion orthotic insoles are excellent for sports use because they provide a degree of cushioning and shock absorption in addition to improving the foot movement.