Back support or back brace

A back support or back brace effectively improves back posture as part of the management of lower back pain. Painful back conditions can all benefit just from wearing a back support.

There are Core stability exercises that are designed specifically to improve the lower back condition and relive back pain. In addition to it a back support help to prevent bad posture.

All braces and back supports contain plastic or metal reinforcing side, which particularly helps to prevent back pain in people who require back support during physical activity or work.

Back pain also can occur during pregnancy. A back support cannot be wearing during, pregnancy so a pregnancy belt is more suitable to provide support for expecting mothers.

Knee supports and braces

Knee supports and braces are often prescribed right after knee surgery and during knee rehabilitation. They can help to provide stability and support to knee area and reduce some pressure during walking or staying.

Arthritis knee braces can reduce knee pain due to osteoarthritis. Brace is improving the biomechanics of the knee joint and taking away stress off the area of the knee joint. This can improve knee function and delay the need for knee replacement surgery.